Rooms Price
1+0 From 256.000 TL - 341.000 TL
1+1 From 385.000 TL - 602.000 TL
1+2 From 561.000 TL - 1.042.000 TL
1+3,5 From 958.000 TL - 1.211.000 TL
1+4,5 From 1.208.000 TL - 1.440.000 TL

Strategically located in Asuncet, Istanbul, European section

The project area is 67.000 square meters consisting of 27 buildings and 1073 residential units
Consisting of 7 floors and on each floor consists of 4 apartments to 6 apartments depending on the building format

The project has more than 125 shops and more than 20 international entertainment cafes
Spaces start from 0 + 1 to 4 + 1
The region is surrounded by government projects and the most important project is the new Istanbul Canal, which is an investment value for the high value of the region and the real estate during the next five years

In addition to the tram lines Fay, which will reach the project in 2019 to reach Ataturk Airport to the new airport line
The project is near the international exhibition grounds and five star hotels
One of the main points of the project is that next to the largest residential villas complex in Turkey, which starts the lowest price of 3 million Turkish lira with the new Bosphorus

In addition, the project has the largest number of outdoor shops, green spaces and water corridors with distinctive design
Square complex sports club
Green spaces and waterways
Walking Trails
  Outdoor swimming pool for the project is an outdoor olympic swimming pool
Indoor swimming pool

         Distance from the city center division, Shishli 30 d. Divide about 40 d from the project

         The area of the complex is fully serviced, from Arab and international hospitals, universities and schools.

       The complex is surrounded by shops and bus station for easy movement.

          Includes all services with 24 hour protection.

     Annual investment return of 7% of the value of the property during the next five years

     Easy to resell with a profit up to 48% of the property price.

The high price of the property is divided as follows
 At the completion of the project to reach the prices of the current region, which exceeds 25 percent

The arrival of the metro line of the area, which is officially prepared by the state of a steady rise 35%
The development of the region is mainly dedicated to the Asanket region, which will reach 20%

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Distance from the city center - Sisli 26 minutes

Fatih - Sultan Ahmed 20 minutes

Close to Ataturk International Airport 13 minutes