Rooms Price
1+1 From $125,000 to $160,000
1+2 From $140,000 to $220,000
1+3 From $210,000 to $320,000
1+4 From $310,000 to $390,000
1+5 From $410,000 to $470,000

In the region of Başakşehir, the region is distinguished by its strategic location and easy access to the main roads and the means of transportation from the metro stations in addition to the proximity of the city square where the various directorates of the Turkish state

  Complex is a residential complex characterized by the project Bksa high and super deluxe finishing, in addition to the uniqueness and uniqueness of the apartments smart home system areas for swimming pools and sports halls and entertainment centers and education for all ages

And walking paths surrounded by a project of 1.5 km

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Distance from the city center - Sisli : 20 minutes

Fatih - Sultan Ahmed : 26 minutes

Close to Ataturk International Airport  : 15 minutes