Rooms Price
1+1 110,000$
1+2 From $140,000 to $180,000
1+3 From $170,000 to $210,000

This is an easily accessible location from all over the city

Located in the heart of the city's main roads, it is located between an intersection offering easy access to your destinations in Istanbul.

Tramway Bus Station 700m, Media Market and Carrefour 1 km, Marmara Shopping Center 1.5 km and selected as the world's best shopping center, Tauyab 6 km, Ataturk Airport 12 km

Live with the modular units and watch the luxury and luxury of the best materials, from the refrigerator to washing machine, dryer, air conditioner and microwave oven was carefully chosen for every corner of your home. We have set the standards at RI-048 and built luxury to offer luxury.

Give way to enjoy the greed and greed

Imagine your life as you practice outdoor sports, breathe deeply into pure air and your children play in the garden. Landscapes will be a part of your life.

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,مركز اسطنبول: 30 كم

مركز الفاتح : 35 كم . تقسيم 38 كم

,الى الميناء كبتاش: 40 كم

,مستشفى اسطنبول الخاص ، ومستشفى اسطنبول الحكومي: 500 متر

,المطار : 10 كم

.مراكز التسويق والسوبر ماركت : تبعد بمسافة المشي على الاقدام