Rooms Price
1+1: From $218,000 to $310,000
1+2 From $320,000 to $410,000
1+3 From $390,000 to $625,000
1+4 From $535,000 to $660,000
1+5 From $695,000 to $885,000

It is considered one of the best areas of Istanbul for its proximity to the second bridge with a distance of 2 km and for easy navigation between the two continents.

In addition to its distinctive location of the highest towers of the course is a distinctive sign of the project for proximity to

Large companies. The project is characterized by the best types of finishing and full view of the forests of Belgrade.

The project consists of a number of residential units in addition to a medical complex and a commercial complex and educational and sports complex

The area of the complex is fully serviced, from Arab and international hospitals, universities and schools

It is close to Turkish universities such as Gulf University and Technik University

The Istanbul State University surrounds the complex's shops for months

International brands, as well as a shopping center and metro station for ease of movement.

 The project takes its place in the most important areas of Istanbul investment route third place in the world of commercial towers.

The project is characterized by its location on the main line connecting the E-5 line and the TEM line, which forms the main highway connecting them

The project is based on the main line connecting the third airport to the largest airport in the world

One of the most important features of the project is that it does not contain 3 towers of Aley and the number of apartments on the floor a few. For example, the price of a meter at the moment is competing for the meter in the surrounding area

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Istanbul center: 12 km

Al Fateh Center: 14 Km. Division of 15 km

To the port of Besiktas: 8 km

Istanbul Private Hospital and Istanbul Governmental Hospital: 500 meters

Airport: 25 km

Marketing centers and supermarkets: directly within the project