• After sale service

    After sale service

    In order to be able to access a secure road by answering your legal inquiry (what comes after signing the contract ?) Before answering the question .. It is good to study the property through the legal advice of the Rima investment lawyer and through the real estate consultants accompanying the field. It is good to choose from the best residential unit through the history of the construction company and the history of the region and contracts to ensure that you are in a secure stage to ratify contracts and open a bank account and tax number. When you own a property in Turkey you will be able to get a book for a one-year stay. You will not need Visa when you enter Turkish states.

    • Bank account
    • Requires passport and tax number
    • Tax Number
    • Requires a passport and address of your stay in your country or in Turkey,
    • Ratification of contracts
    • Completion of the purchase process through a third party grant him power of attorney to the writer in justice